Friday, September 17, 2021
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Mega Ran – “Avalanche” at Game On Expo 2018 in VR180

Prior to attending the Game On Expo 2018, I was looking for some Nerdcore Hiphop to listen to during my workout, and found Mega Ran, and fell in love with the song Avalanche immediately. I was beside myself when he actually performed this song as part of his set, and am super happy with the results from the audio and VR180 video I captured.

That being said, there are a number of issues that I wasn’t prepared for when working with V180 videos, and I almost didn’t post the video when I found I wasn’t able to correct them in post.

Working with a normal camera, you have a viewfinder you can see live, and can adjust on the fly for best lighting, or for point-and-shoots, you can just leave it on “auto”, and you will get what you want 95% of the time. VR180 cameras can either show you one “eye” at a time, or in the case of these cameras, you have to shoot blind, or risk overheating them.

Below is a screenshot of the over/under video during the editing process, and you can clearly see that one lens was over-exposed on the display screen and the ceiling lights due to the fish-eye lens magnifying it.

The result of this is unpleasant to look at in VR, as one eye is seeing something dramatically different than the other. Fortunately with this video, the subject (music artist) is out of the line of site, and you can “look away” from the screen and lights.

I’m not sure how I will minimize issues like this in the future, but I will certainly be aware of them and seek camera placement that gives more desirable results. Part of this blog’s goal is to keep track of my progress, and share my experiences good and bad with others who are on the same path, or soon to join it. One of the mottoes I’ve taken to heart when learning new things is “Practice, not perfection”.

Thanks for reading!

–Danthol [])

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