Saturday, September 19, 2020
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Creating VR180 montages

All of the footage I got of the Game On Expo 2018 was a great way to see what works well in VR video, and what doesn’t work at all. It’s time consuming to go through it all, and impossible to see everything without watching 3 times ( you have to look all around, unlike “flat” video.

This video is a compilation of day one of the expo, and I was mostly focused on just getting a feel for the location and lighting. There were rooms with dim lighting ( pen and paper role playing rooms ), bright lighting ( game floor and stages), and low lighting ( retro console room). I regret not taking more time to review the video I was taking to ensure that I had the best settings, as the low light room footage was mostly unusable. Next time I’m recording a bright display, I will be sure to adjust the ISO accordingly.

I tried a few shots of the virtual pinball tables at an overhead angle, which worked so long as it was a single shot, but moving back to a standard horizontal shot, and then back to the 30 degree forward shot was disorienting.

I’m super happy I took that Zoom H2 mic with me to record the audio for interviews and music. In the shot with the PSVR racing game, you can notice a significant reduction in sound quality when it comes to “loud” sounds and ambiance.

My favorite parts of the video were the clips of Andre the Black Comedy Nerd’s session, and the Meteor Hammer demonstration from Daniel Pesina of Mortal Kombat fame ( I should have pressed him for an interview afterwards).

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