Friday, September 17, 2021


“The Shed of Wanting” now in pre-production.

Today I began assembly of props, set, filmed test footage, and made many other preparations. The Shed of Wanting is VR180 feature film made for viewing with a VR headset. Don’t dread the shed; it’s all in your head.

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Watch in VR 003: Pumpkin carving with a Leatherman and power drill!

Today’s episode is a Halloween special, and I carve a pumpkin! What’s so special about that, you say? Well first, it’s in 3D VR180 video, second I use a Leatherman super tool, and third, I also use a power drill with a special attachment. Enjoy!

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Watch in VR 002: Grumpy Cat, Container Park, and StarFighters Arcade

Today’s episode we talk about midlife crisis fashion, lazy Halloween costumes, Container Park in Las Vegas, and some arcade gaming at the StarFighters Arcade in Mesa Arizona. Watch for episodes to be released on Wednesdays and Saturdays! [])

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Watch in VR 001: Simon, Señor Taco, and Total Nuclear Annihilation. VR180

This is the first official video for my VR vlog. Episodes will focus on gaming, lifestyle, art, and anything that I can think to add to the videos. Today’s episode gives some more close-up time with my cat Simon, dinner out at a favorite local Mexican restaurant, a new pinball machine at The Grid in […]

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Creating VR180 montages

All of the footage I got of the Game On Expo 2018 was a great way to see what works well in VR video, and what doesn’t work at all. It’s time consuming to go through it all, and impossible to see everything without watching 3 times ( you have to look all around, unlike […]

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Mega Ran – “Avalanche” at Game On Expo 2018 in VR180

Prior to attending the Game On Expo 2018, I was looking for some Nerdcore Hiphop to listen to during my workout, and found Mega Ran, and fell in love with the song Avalanche immediately. I was beside myself when he actually performed this song as part of his set, and am super happy with the […]

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8bit0 “Chicago” at the Game On Expo 2018

Here is the first of many videos I will be posting of the Game On Expo 2018. I have a few more songs from this musician, Kawaii Robot Shark, Mercurius FM, and Mega Ran! I also have Panels with Andre from Black Nerd Comedy, actor Johnny Cruz (Lucio from the game Overwatch), and retro arcade […]

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Processing all the footage from Game On Expo 2018

Here’s my current setup to convert the 300+ gb of videos I’ve captured from the Game On Expo into editable footage. I started off with my normal process of converting to 180 SBS , but then found this recent workflow posted by Google. Both of the laptops are running Ubuntu to use the converter app since […]

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VR180 picture of myself and Andre from Black Nerd comedy.

Click on the photo, and drag it around to see more! Here’s a picture taken with the Lenovo Mirage Camera formatted for webpage viewing. I’m working on a way to make images and videos easier to view in VR, but it’s still really cool to be able to drag the image around to see more […]

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I’m at the Game On Expo this weekend with my VR180 cameras!

I’m at the Game On Expo in Phoenix this weekend, getting tons of quality VR180 footage of musical acts, panels, and mini interviews with vendors, artists, and other content creators. Look forward to video clips and montages in the coming weeks (and possibly months) as I process it all and get it uploaded. I have […]

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